About Us

UAAC was started in 2012 when founder, Paul Anderegg, was trying to find single 3/4in sized aluminum trim piece for solar panels. Not able to find any reasonable cost solutions he started making his own and quickly found that other people and companies had many other uses for them.

The company expanded rapidly, and by 2014 offered over 450 different products and profiles.  Our vision is to provide high value products at low cost by standardizing our production process and to remove excessive packaging to lower shipping costs to our customers.

Many of our customers developed many new and innovative products out of our metals and some of those products we started selling on our website as a service to our innovators. If you have an idea you can make out of our products we will like hearing from you.

Today the company has operations that are found in several different states and customers in all 50 states and many foreign countries.