Aluminum Round Tubing - 1" OD x 1/16” x 48", Other lengths, 4 ft 2 ft, 48 in 24 in, 1 in, USA! New | 0-1 Day Handling

Description – These measure 1 in(B) x .062 in(A) x 47 15/16 in(+/- 1/8in) long. They are a 6063 T5 type aluminum, they are strong and weigh about  14 oz/4ft. They have no finish and may come with rub marks, scratches, scuffs but will be straight with no dents.

Note: When purchased in 48in lengths and quantities of 3 or less, there is risk of it bending in shippment. If this is a concern to you we offer ”Protective Packaging Option” (see below).

If purchasing only one piece 48in long you must choose the Wood Strip Option to prevent damage.

Products specifications
Aluminum Type 3003 These angles or flats are made from 3003 Aluminum Alloy. This alloy is about 20% stronger than 1xxxx series having high strength and fatigue resistance. It has excellent corrosion resistance. They are easy to work with and can be polished, brazed, welded, machined, drilled, riveted, bolted, cut, bent, re-bent, sanded, grounded, painted, filed, and buffed to an almost mirror like finish. It can be bent and re-bent more times than higher number alloys before it becomes brittle and breaks. Does not become brittle in extreme subzero weather and keeps its structural strength to 700-900 degrees Fahrenheit melting at about 1150 degrees. Its high electrical conductance is good for making electrical components or for using as grounding stakes. They dissipate heat quickly making for good custom thermal radiators and heat sinks of all kinds.
Cutting Warning The use of circular saws can cause this material to jam and fly out violently. Most circular saws go too fast which cause the particles to become extremely hot and they fly much faster than wood that can create eye injuries.
Visual Requirements These may have discolorations or splotches or scratches from time to time. This often looks white. This is rare, but if your application requires a good visual appearance please let us know in the notes section of your order so we may double check our stock and make sure you receive our best appearing pieces.
Packaging This item is wrapped in 1.5 mill polypropylene plastic for shipping unless the Protective Packaging Option is purchased instead.
Protective Packaging Option This option protects your items from shipping damage using reinforced packaging and insurance. The cost of using this option is $11.99 per order. It’s available at the time of check out as a drop down selection box. We must charge this much to cover our costs because the weight of the reinforcement raises the weight of the order enough that we are required to use the more expensive Priority or Parcel rates. Which items/situations need this? Items that are 48in or longer in purchase quantities of 3 or less AND have any dimension in the cross section area of 1in or less.
American Made UAAC angles and flats are sourced and manufactured in the USA including all the raw materials that go into them. They are made in the states of NC and FL. Despite the lower price the quality is very consistent and high and we always strive to do better.
Payment Information Secured SSL Payment is done through the Paypal website by popular credit card or your Paypal account at the end of Checking out. Please pay immediately after purchasing as this simplifies the payment tracking process and will result in you receiving your item several days sooner. We handle some orders, such as bulk or distributor orders, over the phone.
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