Engraved Mazes, Many Types, Sizes, and Levels | 0-1 Day Handling

These are made from .050 plain mill aluminum. These are for home and hobby use or may be used for waiting rooms in healthcare or other. The aluminum surface is easy to clean and good for maintaing a germ free environment. This makes these mazes the choice for hospitals and heathcare offices.

Understanding Sizing and Difficulty: 

Two things make mazes more difficult: the size and the passage. The following passage way chart is a general guild to the difficulty of any maze:

Passage Way Size

.340 (Very Easy)
.255 (Easy)
.170 (Medium)
.136 (Difficult)
.085 (Very Difficult)

To factor in how size maze a maze more difficult you can use the following folmula:

Difficulty=(Width x Height) / Passage

For example a maze 6 x 8 x .34 comes out to: 141.

A 6 x 8 x .085 comes out to: 564.

A maze with a rating of 564 is much more difficult than one with a rating of 141.

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