Kiteboarding Safety Board | 1-2 Weeks Fabrication Time

Description – This is a kiteboarding safety board. It is for anyone learning or trying to maximize their safety. They feature high stability, good upwind performance, and the most advance safety features. Our Safety boards all feature fully rounded corners, magnetic foot releases, and a handle. We use the strongest commercial magnets available for best foot hold. Some of our options are outlined below: 

Rider Weight – This is used to determine the size of the board. A lighter person needs a smaller board and a bigger person needs a bigger board. Our formulas generally follow one square foot per 20lbs of person. 

Plywood Choice – Several options include standard plywood, baltic birch, and marine grade. Baltic birch is the lightest and marine grade is the most durable. 1/4 thickness works better for people under 150lbs or as a training board. The 1/2 thickness, especially the marine grade, has much better upwind performance and rides much smoother. 

Buoy Locator – The foam noodle goes on the leading edge of the board. It has many functions including: helps keep the board on top of the water for 'walking' the board or for when you wipe out, create more visibility to see it when it drifts away because of wind or current, protects your shins or other body parts for when you are pulled over the board. The noodle eventually wears out over time and may need to be replaced. It is fully removable / replaceable.

Glass Coating – This is a polyester based resin commonly known as "fiber glass". This is used to seal the board to make it waterproof and provides excellent base for paint.

Magnetic Footstraps - Magnetic footstraps prevent injury by allowing your feet to seperate from the board when the feet put too much pressure on the straps. The magnetic power allows the foot straps to automatically reconnect for another start. The magnets are embedded into an epoxy module that is replaceable if you wish to change the magnetic power of the straps. The power comes in low, medium, and high. Most poeple like the medium power the best. 

Carbon Fiber - This option adds carbon fiber rod to the board. Carbon fiber allows the board to be stiffer which allows the board to have better upwind performance. This is a good option if you are are a person that likes to "cruise". Its not a good option if you want to do jumps or tricks.

Shape - This is the overal shape of the board. Fully rounded ends steer the easiest and is the safest. Rounded corners goes up wind slightly better but is slightly harder to steer. Oval is overall best perforance. Oval steers well, goes up wind the best, and much less splash hits the feet and ankles giving better performance.

Color - By default the boards ship with clear color. This is good choice if you want to paint or finish your board yourself. If you choose us to add a custom color we will provide you with a color chart with 20-30 common color choices. White or lighter colors have much better durability from heat and sun exposure and are easier to find if you loose you board in the water.

Footpads - Footpads help you orrient your feet, provide better grip, and provides better cushion.  The difference can be very noticable if you are riding for more than an hour.

Extra Magnets - You may choose to have extra magets to allow you to adjust the power of the footstraps. Magnets can be mixed and match of different powers to create a custom strength. You may choose to lower the power for a new person who is learning. The modules can also fail if they become damaged and small amount of salt causes them to corrode. Extra magnets can save a kiting session. The magets or fully sealed and failure is very rare. 

*Magnetic Warning – I understand that the magnets used in these boards are powerful and require the use of heavy leather gloves if they are removed, replaced, or maintained. I will contact the manufacture for the proper safety procedure for replacing the magnets. If I sell my board or if another party is involved in removing, replacing, or maintaining the magnets I will inform them of this danger.



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