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Description – This listing is for purchasing kiteboarding lessons.. Lessons are optimized for each party and focus first on kite flying skills and followed by doing board work. Rubber booties are highly recommened for all lessons and full wetsuite is highly recommended for performing boardwork. Each available option and selection are outlined below.


Things to Bring to Your Lesson:  

Sunglass with neck strap


Lip Balm


*Lightweight Gloves

*Life Jacket (If you have one)

*Rubber Booties (Highly Reccomended) 

*Wetsuite (Highly Recocmended for Board Work)

Hours and fees – Number of hours that your would like to reserve in your lesson. The mimimum is 2 hours and most people first session lasts 1.5 to 3 hours.  Base rates start at $55 to $95hr. with advance reservation. Acutal hourly rates vary by season, available slots, group size, and location and is usally arranged between the instructor and the student before the lesson. If your hourly rate is less than your reservation rate you will get additional hours of training or refund. Additional charges can apply for:

+$20-40/hr. kite sizes above 12m

+$20-75/hr. performance foil kites

+$20 additional kites 

Location – Is the location you would like to take your lesson. We offer second and third choices in case the first choice is not available. All lessons are taught on the sound side in waist deep water. The best lesson location is arranged between the instructor and the student usually be text messaging. Available locations include: Frisco (Hatteras), Buxton, Salvo, Nags Head, Stumpy Point, and Manns Harbor. We also use other locations in Florida and Minnesota.

Date – Requested date is the date, or date range, that you are available for lessons. Actual date and times are dependent on weather and arranged betwee the instructor and the student via text messaging. 

On Line Classes – Select this option if you wish to take classes online. This is normally done through programs such as Skype or Zoom. This option may also be selected for a vitual assistant during some of your training sessions. The type of class, date, time, and how this option is used is usually arranged over the phone with your instructor either before or after your reservation.

Total Number of People – Total number of people in party including yourself. If you have 3 people total in your party you should enter 3.  

Name, Age, Weight, Height – List all the people and details of in your party. We will use this information to make sure we have the right equipment ready for each person and selecting a site that is best suited for them. 

Kite Type to Lean – The two main types are Foil Kites(not to be confused with foil boards) and Inflatable Kites. Inflatable Kites have been the traditional method to take lessons on. We do both. There is a growing trend to learn on Foil kites. Foil kites are more stable, intial cost of 1/3 to 1/2 of Inflatables, ongoing maintenance of 1/4 to 1/3 of Inflatabales, have smoother power curve, crash less, no bladders or valves to leak, wider wind range meaning less kites to purchase for your quiver. Selecting this option represents your interests and your actual path usally contains a mix of Foil and Inflatable kites as arranged by the the instructor.

Instructional DVD – We us the instructinal video "Let go of the Bar". It is highly reccomended that you purchase and study this video before a lesson.  If you decide the purchase the video with your reservation it may be mailed to you or picked up a location near you if you are on vacation on the Outer Banks. Cost of the instructional video can be applied to your lesson so you are getting the video for free if you select this option.

Pictures / Videos – If you would like us to take pictures of your experience of learning kiteboarding select this option. Chose Pictures and Videos if you would like to have recorded video and pictures. This can be helpful to see where you made mistakes. Videos are provided after that lesson as an SD card or thumbdrive that the student make keep.

Trainer Kite – Select this option if you would like to receive a trainer kite. These are open cell kites that are crash proof. They come with lines and handles. They can greatly reduce the training time for your kiteboarding lesson. Both 1 and 2.5m are suitable for adults and only 1m should be used with children under adult supervision.

Equipment – This seciton is to list the equipment that you have. This includes kites, bars, and harnesses.

Board Notification – Out saftey guides do not allow us to use commerial boards in our lessons. We can only use our Magentic Release safety boards. This is to prevent injury to the student during the learning process. 

Rip Current Warning – Numerous people die every year on the Outer Banks becuase they got caught in powerful rip currents. Rip currents do not occur in our training areas on the sound side, but we include the warning here to because family members or friends of the student often visit the beaches on the ocean side where rip currents do occur. Understand how to identify them and be safe.

Booties / Wetsuit / Life Jacket – Full wetsuit or rash gaurd is recommended even in warmer months as it provides much protection from jellyfish and abrashions. Booties are highly recommended. The training areas are nothing like a sandy beach and can have sharp clam shell beds and unforseen debrie. If you have a life jacket you should bring it with you as it may fit better than ours. Groups over 3 people should always bring a life jacket. Life jackets provide floatation power and make doing boardwork much easier in the shallow water.  

Bootie Rental – Select this option if you wish to rent the Booties through us. This fee is once per reservation. If you have multiple lessons under one reservation then this cost covers all sessions.

Prior Lessons – List any pervious lessons or experience. This includes any kind of board sports or small kite trainer experience. If you have kite flying experiece please include the estimated number of hours of flying time. 

Medical Conditions – Do you or any member of your party have any known medical conitions or injuries that may effect them during the lesson?

Refund Policy – Your lesson is 100% refundable at any time. Any or all hours not used because: Student could not make it, Instructor could not make it, or the weather did not make it to the lesson is fully refundable. 

Review Code – Your review code is 1899. Give this number to your instructor to your instructor showing that you have reviewed and read this information.


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